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strata - tangkrogen 2013



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:::: major public installation consisting of collected and salvaged non organic household rubbish, cars,
     excavator, pallets of turf, mound of earth and solar powered transistor radio
:::: finalist, Sculpture by the Sea Aarhus - Denmark, 2013 Exhibition (see below under "special notes")
:::: pit dimensions - 10m x 10m x 1.5m (deep)
:::: overall work dimensions 5m (above ground height) x 15m x 15


:::: The contents of the pit have come directly from the lives of Aarhus residents
:::: The square of the pit is aligned with the global axis (ie N.E.W.S.) and not with the urban geometry of the site
:::: The transistor radio is set in real time to a local talk-back channel


artist statement

The pit holds bare the actualities of our ways … stuff ... owned and thrown ... all now of equal value ... unprejudiced worthlessness of cost and consequence.

Our collective behaviour in having become obedient mass consumers, appears to have been teased and ushered ... oh in so very slow and deliciously clever ways.

Neither mass production nor mass disposal can possibly come free from the shackles of supremely rational and inevitable consequence.


special notes

This installation was undertaken within the context of the Sculpture by the Sea - Denmark 2013 Exhibition in Aarhus Denmark, from June 1 - 30.

Click (here) for further information regarding Sculpture by the Sea Aarhus - Denmark.



I would like to thank Niels Østergaard and his SxS site crew lead by Sebastian Kromann for assisting in every way possible in the physical and technical realisation, as well as in the facilitation of strata - tangkrogen. I'm particularly indebted to Gitte Bostrup, Bruce Brink, Peter Boes and Arne Munk Jensen. Thank you also Erik, Jens and Christian.

Axel Arnott thank you for that certain sharpness and decisive input that helped to better tailor the work to site.

Further, I would like to acknowledge Kent Kristiansen (an independent contractor) for his fine abilities in the surgical excavation of the pit.

Lastly, I wish to thank Pon Equipment A/S for their generous support of the project in supplying the CAT M316D Excavator, which served as a critical element for the work - click (here) to visit website:


    sourcing the stuff aarhus dump