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consumer temple - aarhus 2011



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:::: invited artist, Sculpture by the Sea - Aarhus 2011, Denmark (see below under "special notes")
:::: installation consisting of used shipping containers; hardwood timber pallets; pallet jacks, reclaimed wharf,
     shopping trolley & other
:::: 12m (height) x 12m x 12m
:::: over 200 tonnes (total including ballast and footings)


artist statement

Standing in a state of stable decay, the work suggests at an architectural proposition. 

Its central chamber, suspended above the raised platform comprised of timber pallets, hangs stitched to three giant pillars by way of a network of chains.

When approaching and standing upon the platform, one’s gaze is drawn up into the darkened chamber high above, where light beams through small broken coloured windows onto a shopping trolley, fixed against the opposing wall. It rests beaten, twisted and burnt.

A section of reclaimed wharf suspended by rope near and somewhat lower than the trolley, is a major clue as to the chamber’s more audible purpose. When drawn back by its handling rope and allowed to swing and strike its target surface, the chamber generates a significant deep thud which is heard from some distance away.

While the architecture may hint at a house of worship from a forgotten time, its deity and practices may however feel oddly familiar. Clearly abandoned, the faith that has brought this house into being is no longer dispensed here.

Note: The work is composed entirely of elements that have in a very direct way served in supply chains and hence carry the patina and scars of actual service - ie shipping containers, pallets, pallet jacks, naval rope, reclaimed wharf, shopping trolley.


special notes

This installation was undertaken within the context of the Sculpture by the Sea - Aarhus, 2011 Exhibition (June 2 -July 3), in Aarhus Denmark.

Click logo for further information regarding Sculpture by the Sea Denmark and the Exhibition:

Further, consumer temple – aarhus was situated within the context of Container City, the entry point and administrative hub of Sculpture by the Sea - Aarhus. Container City was designed by Axel Arnott, Head Curator, Sculpture by the Sea - Aarhus, in direct consultation with the artist.

Click image below to view plans for Container City and a statement by Axel Arnott:

container city



This installation was enabled by the invitation and extraordinary support of the organisers of Sculpture by the Sea - Aarhus.

It is very difficult to express the degree of felt appreciation through words ... it does at the end of the day boil down to individuals who quite simply - but far from easily - make things happen.

Axel Arnott, thank you for your sensibilities and tireless push towards "rightness", at any cost.

Niels Østergaard and crew, thank you very much, as the work would not have taken shape if it wasn't for your professional, ingenious and inventive ways. Your first instinct when faced with difficulties, both in the long months of planning and during installation, was to look for a solution. I can't thank you enough.

Karen Louise Christensen and crew, in particular Anne Mette Laursen, thank you for the enormous support leading up to and during the exhibition. You made us feel as though nothing was too difficult and that assistance was always on tap. You are wonderful ambassadors to your city and nation.

Svend Karkov, design engineer from Aarsleff, and the crew of Aarsleff welders who became indispensable to the installation, thank you for your abilities and skills, for being there and for becoming so involved.

Jesper Hermansen and Aleksander Hansen the engineering students and Professor Rune Brincke from IHA, thank you for taking on the challenging task of developing and providing the critical structural stabilisation solution for consumer temple – aarhus. I guess it was a rare opportunity for students to see their solution meet the real world. I hope you feel it was an enriching experience and a meaty start to your careers.

Yuri Humeniak and Angus Adameitis, Senior Site Crew from Australia, thank you, without you the gong wouldn't have been as effective.



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